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Biomedical Discovery and Applications

[Neuroimaging data analysis, Alzheimer's disease, Diabetes, Kidney exchanges]

(Note:     student author;  * corresponding author.)

  • High-dimensional varying coefficient models for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis with longitudinal and heterogeneous structural MR images. [journal]

Xiaowu Dai*. 

Alzheimer's & Dementia (AD), 2018.

  • High-dimensional smoothing splines and application in Altheimer's disease prediction using magnetic resonance imaging. [journal][reprint][preprint]

Xiaowu Dai*. 

Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research (SBR), 2020.

  • A synthesis of pathways linking diet, metabolic risk and cardiovascular disease: A framework to guide further research and approaches to evidence-based practice. [journal][reprint][pubmed]

Marjorie Lima do Vale, Luke Buckner, Claudia-Gabriela Mitrofan, Kai Sento Kargbo, Rajna Golubic, Ali Ahsan Khalid, Sammyia Ashraf, Saad Mouti, Xiaowu Dai, David Unwin, Jeffrey Bohn, Lisa Goldberg, and Sumantra Ray.​ 

Nutrition Research Reviews (NRR), 2021.

  • A resampling approach for causal inference on novel two-point time-series with application to identify risk factors for type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. [journal][reprint][pdf][code]

Xiaowu Dai*, Saad Mouti, Marjorie Lima do Vale, Sumantra Ray, Jeffrey Bohn, and Lisa Goldberg.

Statistics in Biosciences (SIBS), 2023.

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